"Stephanie Berk's ability to guide her clients through the challenges of downsizing/moving in a completely organized and efficient manner together with the crucial element of good humor is a winning and sanity-saving combination. She and her crew know how to do EVERYTHING."
- Susan L.

"I'm feeling a sense of relief. Thank you for that, a million times. Thank you so much for making my parent’s move to assisted living happen soooo smoothly.  I'm only just starting to remember how to relax. Feeling like things are under control is always a good thing."
- Pamela C.

"A bow to you for all the work. WOWOWOWOWOWOW!  I am beyond impressed. Now I can get back to thinking more clearly- a million thanks."
- Maryan C.

“After living in the same place for 42 years, the time had come to downsize and move out. We, fortunately engaged the services of Stephanie Berk & Company, who managed the whole process which included partial moves to two additional states. Our major move consisted of going from our big house to an apartment in town.”
- Bob D.

"I look forward to teaming up again in the future. With joy and gratitude to you for all the amazing work."
- Kate S.

"As I've said before, we couldn't have accomplished half of what we did this year without your help--I can sense some freedom from the whole Estate burden just around the corner, and that is a major gift."  
- Jon I.

“I don’t know how you made this complex move happen. You are amazing and we will be forever appreciative. Many, many thanks.”
- Dorothy P.

"Thanks so much Stephanie. I cannot tell you how much I have been impressed by your efficiency and work ethic!"
- Susan N.

Many thanks Stephanie for all your help. It is impossible for me to see how we would have accomplished all that must be done without you."
- Mimi H.

"I have looked to you so many time for humor, perspective and support. You never have failed to deliver and I am so grateful. You are really remarkable. Many, many thanks!"
- Cameron S.

"You did it...she's there! Very exciting. My Mama is status quo. Thank you."
- Suzanne R.

"What a pleasure to have spent our first night and full day here!!!  We can't say often enough how enormously grateful we are to you."  
- Hans L.

"Thank for all the great work and help getting the house settled."
- Susan D.

"Many thanks for helping us get settled in – we are very glad to be here and we arrived with far less stress than in previous years."
- Dick G.

"It was my lucky day when I was told about you!"
- Barbara G.

“With all best and thanks for your fabulous help.”
- Jane G.

“You are amazing. It was great to meet you in person, and so easy (and fun!) to work with you!   Thank you so much for today and in advance for all the stuff ahead.”
- Elizabeth G.