No two clients have the same needs, but every client receives calm, highly experienced, hands-on assistance in mastering the practical challenges of complex family transitions and events. We help manage what at first may seem unmanageable.

For example, we are often asked to assist with such life-altering events as:

Packing and moving a home
Interstate and international logistics
Working with realtors, inspectors, and agents
Negotiating contracts
Secure and museum-quality storage
Navigating legal issues

Moving an Aging Parent
Responding swiftly to urgent circumstances
Researching appropriate living facilities and services
Addressing legal issues
Selling a home
Establishing a long-term financial structure

Managing Complex Family Estates
Fostering consensus
Contending with multi-generational issues
Distribution of property and possessions
Overseeing packing, shipping and unpacking
Arranging storage and auctions

Moving Out of a Marriage
Procuring housing
Separating households
Finding new schools
Selling and purchasing a home
Arranging storage and auctions
Moving and reestablishing a residence

Health Advocacy
Managing sudden or chronic illness
Assessment of testamentary capacity
Concierge services
Medical advocacy
Alternate housing options